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Is your blog content king or peon?

16 Nov

IMG00736-20111116-1317Whatever you publish to your blog is called content. Content can be text, video, pictures, links, and documents. So, whenever anyone tells you need to write a post to your blog. They are telling you to publish content.

As an example let’s use a totally outrageously famous blog.  If we copy and paste this post into a Word document we will see that it only has 823 words and eight images. Now what is the measure of content than just the text? If we use words as the measure and every picture is worth a thousand words the word content now is up to 8,823.

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A new beginning

14 Nov

This is the first post of hopefully many. I want to discover and understand the processes and components of blogging. Blogging consists of three components: Brand, Product, and Application.

I don’t understand branding at all. So there is going to be a lot of discovery in the this process.

In my mind the product is the information that is in the blog.

Application is where my strengths lie, software and the implementation of that software.


I think that there is enough dependencies between these processes to keep this going for a long time.